Von Bauernhöfe Bedard

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At Von Bauernhöfe Bedard we specialize in breeding premium German Shepherds.  Our breeding program consists of proven genetics backed by the top sires in the world.  Every breeding is planned with the intentions of producing the finest quality show dogs.  Owning a show quality shepherd with world class genetics does not mean it has to be shown, however it does mean it should live longer, possess intriguing beauty, astuteness, loyalty, and be a lifelong companion.  These are dogs that would die for you.  When selecting sires for our puppies, we choose only the top stud dogs in the nation in order to improve the quality of the breed through every generation.   We are breeders of optimum German Shepherds, and are located in Oxford, Michigan.


Our breeding program is focused on:

- Proven Genetics

- Body Structure

 - Color/Pigmentatin

- Wellness/Vigor

- Tempermant

- Willingness to Please